Indus Valley Civilization

3300 to 1700 BC


The Indus Valley, between the modern India-Pakistan border,

is the cradle of civilization on the Indian subcontinent.




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Indus Valley Civilization



 Ancient India's Contributions to the World



Vedic period

1500 - 500 BC


There is debate as to whether there was an Aryan invasion.

The Hindu scared scriptures, the Vedas were written in this





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~600 BC


 the Ayran tribes were absorbed into 16 major kingdoms,

which in turn became 4 large states .the Nada dynasty, which rose

to power in 364 BC came to rule over large areas of North India.




Documentary Story Of The Buddha's Life

 BBC Documentary



Persians,  Alexander and the

Seleucid Empires


The Persian king Darius I (521-486BC)

annexed Punjab and Sindh



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Mauryan Empire

321 - 84 BC


Chandragupta Maurya was the founder of the first great

Indian empire .It reached its peak under Ashoka and fell apart

after his death....more



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Gupta Empire

280 - 550 AD


 The Gupta empire grew rapidly under Chandragupta II

(375-413 AD)Towards the end of the period, Hinduism became

the dominant religion.In 510 the Gupta army was defeated by

a Hun army and North India fragmented again...more



The Gupta Empire





The Hindu South

While the Guptas held sway over North India, powerful

kingdoms emerged in South India.The Pallava kingdom ruled

much of south central India from the 4th to the 9th cent and

famous for its classical Dravidian architecture.In 850 the Cholas

rose to power, and extended to Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Sumatra .



The lost temples of India



Islamic Sultanates

1206 to 1526


 In North India during this period Muslim armies advanced,

starting with Mahmud of Ghazni in the early 11th cent . In 1191,

Mohammed of Ghur invaded India and captured Delhi and most

of North India came under Muslim control. Qutb-ud-din became

the first sultan of Delhi.Later sultans had to fend off Mongol




Mughal Empire

1526 - 1857


The days of the ghur empire were numbered when Tamerlane

raided India in 1398 and sacked Delhi .  Two kingdoms emerged,

the Muslim Bahmani sultanate and the Hindu Vijayangar empire

arose in the 14th cent, fighting each other in terrible wars . Babur,

the founder of the Moghal empire and a descendant of Genghis

Khan, marched into Punjab in 1525. The Mughal empire was to

cover most of India and was a golden age of arts ...more



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British India

1858 - 1947


In 1498, Vasco de Gama arrived ushering in a century long

monopoly on Indian trade .In 1613 the British East India

Company est its first post and for over 250 the company ruled

much of India...more



 British Occupation Of India In Color



Video on the

Sepoy Mutiny



Modern India

1947 - now

India will surpass China in population by 2032 and Japan

as the world's third largest economy in a generation. It is the

word's largest democracy .



 Pakistan And India Partition 1947

The Day India Burned



 The Indo-Pakistani War of 1971



 Old geographies, new orders

China, India and the future of Asia


India: A History

by John Keay


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Raj: The Making and

Unmaking of British India


Shiva statues


India After Gandhi



The Indus Valley

Jane Shuter



 The Last Mughal:

The Fall of a Dynasty





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Mughal Empire







Indus Valley Civilization













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